As a mediator:

“I cannot thank you enough…your kind and gentle demeanour put me at ease…I am so grateful for your time and expertise.” – Party to mediation (litigant in person)

“The service was excellent. Hugh Elder is a fantastic mediator and helped drive the parties toward settlement.” – Solicitor

“It was a great help and understanding of my case in the eye of a neutral person and their assistant.” [Co-mediated]  – Party to mediation (litigant in person)

“Very helpful to consider and narrow issues.  Only unsuccessful due to parties’ positions/ expectations.”   [Co-mediated]  – Barrister

“I have no hesitation in recommending Hugh as a mediator and was impressed that he was able to bring the mediation to a success. Not only was he well prepared for the mediation (having read the papers and had productive pre-mediation discussions) and stayed well beyond the allocated time, but his manner during the day meant that my client felt she was part of the process, which mediators in difficult mediations sometimes forget. This was particularly important in this mediation as the other side had declined the opportunity of an open meeting. I was particularly impressed that Hugh took the time to ask my client to tell him her story and to listen. That made sure that my client felt she was being listened to in circumstances where discussions had mainly occurred through lawyers. Equally important was the realistic view Hugh took in the negotiations. That was important in respect of the early unrealistic offer made by the other side and the honest and open stance taken in the final stages of the negotiations when the lay clients became fraught.”Barrister

“My client and I are most grateful to you for your thorough and tactful handling of the mediation… You dealt with things in an exemplary manner.”  – Barrister

“We would like to thank you for mediating, your demeanour and skills helped us to work with you towards a positive resolution that enables us to move on.”  – Party to mediation

As an assistant mediator:

“Hugh is a pleasure to work with. His calm, relaxed manner helps him build rapport and win the trust of clients with ease. His wealth of experience as a litigation solicitor enables him to look at the problem and possible resolution from all angles. He is proactive in making sure that a settlement is a workable and comprehensive one, which meets the needs of all parties.”
– Senior mediator

As a mediator at a CEDR training mediation:

“We were both very impressed by the way you handled the mediation.  We felt that you had an excellent manner and delivered the mediation in a calm, assured and effective way.  I was really impressed by your use of reality testing and exploration and that you pulled out the extra interests from your clients.  It was very good.”  Senior CEDR trainer

As a litigation solicitor:

“Good with clients. You can pit him against the best.” – Chambers Directory

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